Popgeschichte auf dem AboutPop-Festival (Stuttgart, 23. Juli 2022)

Auf dem AboutPop-Festival, das nun schon zum vierten Mal im Stuttgarter Wizemann tagt, wird es neben Konzerten, Performances, Praxis-Workshops und Talks im Konferenzprogramm auch mehrere Panels zur Popgeschichte geben.  



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ABOUT POP is the festival and conference for pop culture in Stuttgart. ABOUT POP festival and conference will take place for the fourth time on July, 23 2022 in WIZEMANN AREAL — inside and outside! Look forward to over 20 international, national and local acts as well as numerous speakers in discussions, workshops, readings, exhibitions, and much more!

Pop culture is the leading culture of our time. It creates utopias, ideas and social models that become contemporary discourse.
ABOUT POP is a festival. With over 20 bands on five different stages, a top-class, curated music program with international, national and local bands awaits you.
ABOUT POP is a conference and a platform for exchange with and for actors, artists, enthusiasts and fans of pop culture and pop music to discuss and renegotiate the defining issues of our time.
ABOUT POP links creativity and economy.
ABOUT POP offers space for new theoretical discourses, collective approaches, cultural localizations, economic and social transformations and innovations, codes of youth-culture, queer positions, inclusive projects, utopian narratives, social resilience, musical experiments and guilty pleasures.
ABOUT POP will fulfill hopes and break expectations, always aiming to be purveyors of new ideas, conceived and launched collectively.

Bodo Mrozek

I am a historian, working on cultural and contemporary history. In my recent book "Jugend - Pop - Kultur. Eine transnationale Geschichte" (Youth - Pop - Culture. A transnational history), I analyze both the criminalization and the establishment of an international youth and pop culture during the second half of the 20th century. Currently, I am a researcher at the Berlin Center for Cold War Studies.

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