About Morten Michelsen

Morten Michelsen is associate professor in popular music at the University of Copenhagen. He is head of the research project A Century of Radio and Music In Denmark (Ramund), contributing member to two other research projects concerned with sound and radio, and co-organizer of the department research group on sound studies. As chair of the European Sound Studies Association ESSA, Michelsen is engaged in the establishment of the research field of sound studies in Europe.

Cfp/cfa: Music – Sound – Radio: Theorizing Music Radio (Copenhagen, Deadline: 15.9.16)

In a year, the Danish music and radio research project Ramund will close. To mark this, we will organize a seminar focusing mainly on the theoretical aspects of the many different relations between music and radio and the meetings between the two in music-radio. The aim of the seminar will be to publish an anthology of articles. Continue reading