“Pop after Communism. The Transformation of Popular Culture after 1989/90” (conference program, Nov. 15-17, 2023)

Picture: Wikimedia Commons, Author: Ignat Ignev; Poster: Dovilė Vičkačkaitė

The social changes that went along with the political upheaval of 1989/90 in the countries of state socialism were not limited to the political system, economic structures or social conditions. The late phase and the end of state socialism were marked by a far-reaching transformation of popular culture, with global cultural changes becoming an important driver of the post-communist transformation. The conference brings together researchers from the broad field of pop history to examine the overarching trends of fundamental socio-cultural change that followed the political upheaval of 1989/90.

Conference language is English, the book presentation by Jens Balzer on November 15 is in German. Continue reading