Séminaire Histoire sociale du rock (programme 2021)

Le séminaire consacré à l’Histoire sociale du rock, co-organisé par Arnaud Baubérot (CRHEC) et Florence Tamagne (IRHiS, CHS des Mondes contemporains, Paris 1) entame sa 10e année. Du fait de la situation sanitaire, les séances, qui auront lieu le mercredi de 16h à 18h, se tiendront pour l’instant par zoom. Si vous souhaitez y assister, merci d’envoyer un mail à Florence Tamagne (ftamagne@gmail.com) ou Arnaud Baubérot (abauberot@gmail.com) et nous vous enverrons un lien. La première séance aura lieu le mercredi 7 avril.

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Research Project: Punk in the Federal Republic Germany 1976-1990s (English & German text)

SPIEGEL SPEZIAL (2/1994): Pop & Politik. Photo: Spiegel.

Campino, singer of Die Toten Hosen, interviewed the then youth minister Angela Merkel for a special issue of the German news magazine Der Spiegel with the title “Pop & Politics” in 1994. The cover featured a collage which comprised of people like Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Bill Clinton playing a saxophone. Among them, Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols glared at the possible buyers in neighbourhood kiosks. In this issue the journalist and pop theorist Diedrich Diederichsen formulated ten theses for contemporary pop culture. Tony Parsons, one of the first journalists to write about British punk from 1976 onwards in the New Musical Express, pondered about the popularity of punk and its relation to mass culture in the 1990s. Punk as a media phenomenon and a lifestyle became part of mass culture and was a topic taken seriously by cultural critics. Continue reading